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Do you have a new project in mind? Learn about the services provided by QWest Group to determine whether we’re the right Commercial Property Development Company for you. From advising during project development to helping you find financing solutions, our dedicated and experienced team is ready to help turn your idea into a tangible and successful project. In addition to all the work we do, one of Qwest with the association of its partners, main aims is to become the leading provider of HR and Engineering consultancy through out the Middle East, UAE and the gulf region whilst maintaining and developing the current levels offered by the company. We strive continually to achieve higher standards in every thing we do to develop local, regional and international business to the mutual benefit of both the company and client alike.

Our Group companies are specialized in:

  • Construction: Design & Building, Road Construction, Bridges Construction, Building Renovations, Water Pump Station Projects, Steel Structure Buildings, Precast Buildings and All Types Of Trailers, drilling of Oil and Water Wells.
  • WT Projects: Supplies of Water Pumps Water purification systems, Building Supplies, A/C units, Heavy duty truck, Heavy Equipment, Construction Supplies, Medical supplies, Generators, Furniture Building
  • Electrical Network: Low Voltage and High voltage Networks
  • Management and Human Resources: Manpower Force, Department of Public Works, Facilities Protection Services, Short and Long Term General Labor, Project Management, Personal
  • Services: Engineering & Management Services, Airfield  Management and Maintenance, Life Support Services, Real Estate Services, Waste management, Oil Services and Supplies, Medical Services/Iraq & Turkey, Vehicle Leasing & Arming, Network and Surveillance systems
  • Construction Management & Inspection Services
  • Development
  • Interior Designs and Master Planning
  • Aviation, Maintenance, Training & Supplies
  • QWEST Logistics, Supplies Chain & Trade
  • QWEST Chain of Franchisees & Business Partners
  • Oil and Gas
  • Medical Equipment, supplies and supplements
  • Hospitals construction

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