history can be traced over
the past  11 years 
Iraq & Turkey

In the year 2003,Many development Operations increased in Iraq and the requirement for services were added. Among these, construction management, manpower operation ,security sector ,operations and maintenance, personal services, payroll and project controls were conceptualized. These were done in the basis as Base Operation center for the base under
the supervision of the  CPA working on behalf of the Iraqi government to help the Iraqi people find their first Airfield management system in the area. Operations expanded to include construction management and hired 180  employees by the end of 2003. QWBC
is dedicated to work with passion and awarded after started its process of restoration with
the Iraqi government the first Iraqi Government contract for DPW in 2005.
Under the CPA program,2004 was very successful in providing the Iraqi Government with army vehicles for the Iraqi Army to strengthen the maneuverability of the Iraqi army .
QWBC was very successful in improving tactical check points along the road from
Q-West complex to Mosul .We  have wan a contract to renovate 4 police station in the northern sector ,Mosul Gate police station, Qayyarah police Station, Alshora police station, Al- hood police station. At the same time our company was running Q-WEST airfield
staff and we have provided ,air traffic controllers ,weather guys ,crash rescue team
which impressed everybody through their devoted and professional work and especially
with putting off the fire of the sulphur plant  in Almeshraq district. QWBC was running 
the activities of the renovation to the infrastructure of the base through the base operation. Our company managed Qayyarah pump station and also the water treatment plant in order
to provide water to the base and at the same time providing the villages along the pipe
line with pure water through our water treatment plant.

2005 was a memorable year as QWBC was already known for its steadfast commitment
in delivering excellent services in Iraq. QWBC was unrivaled in customer service. It began providing services to the Iraqi Engineering , the Environment Services and Manpower.
Our company wan contracts for providing new pumps to the pump station in Qayyarah
city south of Mosul, and also to the lift station. company won a contract for paving road
in Qayyarah area to allow easy access for Iraqi Government vehicles.QWBC also won a contract for running DPW in Q-West for 2 years.QWBC has increased its potential by working with the Local leaders of the area to try to developed a new ways of improving
their life by working to divert their requests to the Iraqi Government in order to help improved stability in the area. AAFES ,awarded a contract for QWBC to manage Iraqi workers to help them in their mission.
Although much of QWBC’s early history was rooted in a firm’s sector, it has been
moving away looking for international project construction, management and engineering service business. By the end of 2006 , QWBC became a diverse organization, Operations
increased as well as the company expanded nationally including services expansion like diverse many construction projects, human resource service, program management support, project management, training curriculum advancement and diversification. QWBC
reached its fame as the first engineering company in Iraq
QWBC excuted a contract for ECC company to build new compound for the second
Iraqi army Brigade and for a period of 18 months and completed the project successfully
from 2007-2009.Also QWBC has completed the establishment of Iraqi Police Academy
in the northern region for a period of 8 months in the year of 2007.Also QWBC has
awarded to build fully furnished and designed a compound with office and housing
containers for a period of 10 months in the region of Kirkuk in 2008 and ended in 2009.
From 2009-2010 QWBC has been awarded a contract to renovate the runway and
Taxiway for Qayyarah Airfield in the northern region of Iraq.QWBC company was
awarded to fabricate and setup VIP housing area in the northern region of Iraq.
From 2010 and beyond worked in may projects in association with many different
Turkish companies FSB Group,Terkuaz insat, Artimod for the execution of many project
in Iraq and Turkey such as Erbil Media City project, Housing project in the Labanies
village in Erbil , Acibadem Hospital, Ibn Sina Project in Baghdad ,Medical Park project,
 the design and build of Kudret International Hospital in Ankara, Sio hotel In Libya,and
many more.

QWBC’s visions to be the number
one in Iraq… to be the leading total
solutions provider of high value
construction projects executions
consultancy, engineering and project management services. The business
has more than 250 employees,
with three offices in Iraq serving
private and public clients.