Property Management

Q WEST Company through Bosphorus City Real Estate provide various property management services, from managing and leasing properties on behalf of owners and collecting rents to more specialized services like advising on market conditions and latest laws and regulations in Turkey,Iraq,Dubai and many other cities in the world.

We are offering a full management service for residential and commercial, furnished and unfurnished properties and we actively manage every element of the properties to maximize their return, so we ensure efficient utilization of all property management costs, increasing leasing efficiencies, improving the quality of facility service, and enhancing the value of every responsibility outsourced to us.

Our Services include:
    - Tenant and Lease management 
    - Rent collection 
    - Handover and Inspection 
    - Maintenance and Services 
    - Dispute Resolution 
    - Income and Expenditure reporting.

** Sales

With a unique combination of expert local knowledge and the relationship we have created with the developer, we are able to achieve sales of properties at maximum value in minimal time.
We can provide both buyers and sellers the utmost care, up to date information, clear upfront fees, mortgage services via our plethora of lenders and full support through the transfer process. From conducting appraisals of the property to recommendations of achievable sales price and to marketing and advertising until the sale is completed.

** Property Transfers

we provide the full transfer experience. We handle the process from transfer booking to delivering the completed contract to you.

Transfers appointments are pre-booked through our call centre who will get you in touch with a member of our transfer team who will inform you of all the required documents for transferring a property.

A time is arranged for buyer and seller to meet together at our showroom where documentation is signed, payments made and contracts signed by the new buyer. These contracts are then sent to the Finance and Legal teams to run their checks, before acquiring an authorized signature.

Once this procedure is completed the contract is couriered to the buyer making your transfer experience a simple, one time, hassle free task.

** Leasing

Our team will handle the entire leasing process from start to finish, including inspecting of property, marketing the property in various media, interviewing prospective tenants, and understanding your requirements. We also arrange viewings, prepare lease agreements, collect security deposits, organizing cleaning, maintenance, painting and pest control, as well as control the handing over keys to your new home or smart investment.

** Property Modification,Rehabilitation and Interior Designing

Once you have settled into your new home, you may find that you wish to make some personal alterations. If you have invested in an office space you may require an interior design to be drawn up to suit your needs, if a design pleases you we have the means to turn the vision into reality through our varied experienced fit out teams. Requests can be discussed, ideas provided, and suggestions given to alter your home to better suit your needs, or furnish and finish it to your needs.

A process is in place in order to quickly receive a response from the developers architects in order for your contractors to proceed with the approved alterations.


** Facility Management
1. Hard Services

    -Plan Preventive Maintenance
    -Corrective Maintenance

    -Maintenance packages
    -Annual safety certificates

Civil Works:
    -Field Inspections
    -Recondition tasks

Soft Services


    -Traffic & Parking Management
    -Block Patrol

Pest Control:
    -Pest Control

    -Block Cleaning
    -Hard scraping


    -Lifeguard Services
    -Pool Cleaning & Water Testing

Waste Management:
    -Waste Collection
    -Garbage Rooms Washing

2. Operations & Support Services

    -Customer Service Center Control Room

Help Desk:
    -Service Availability Recording Site Activities

Oracle CAFM:
    -Maintenance Records
    -Customizing O&M Strategies
    -Operational Reports

Support Services:
    -Supply Chain Management
    -Product Quality Assurance
    -Stock Control
    -Managing Services
    -Front Desk Service